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Meet Mark Hass

Mark Hass went to the Oregon legislature wearing his values on his sleeve – the values he grew up with as an Oregonian. A strong sense of the land, the people, and respect for others. He has represented Beaverton and Washington County in the state senate since 2007. He served in the Oregon House from 2001 to 2007.

As the chair of the powerful Senate Finance and Revenue Committee, he is best known at the Capitol for education and tax policy -– and for getting the job done. His reputation is someone who can be trusted and relied upon to be fair. That’s how big accomplishments are achieved at the Capitol.

In fact, in 2019, he led the efforts to pass the Student Success Act, one of the most significant education laws passed by the legislature, and one of Senator Hass’ longtime legislative goals. Educators and parents hailed it as the most significant education bill to come out of the legislature in modern history. It will help lengthen school years and shrink class sizes.

Sen. Hass also authored the landmark Oregon Promise, which provides Oregon high school graduates with to two years of free community college tuition. This has been a game-changer for many Oregon families, especially those who don’t have a “culture” of higher education.

In 2015, Hass sponsored and passed the law to establish and fund full-day kindergarten in our public schools.

Now, Mark is running to serve as Oregon’s Secretary of State. He’ll champion critical reforms to protect our elections from outside interference, expand opportunities to vote and participate in elections, and make sure the peoples’ voice is heard in the halls of government.

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