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Transforming Education in Oregon

On Sunday, September 29, the 2019 Student Success Act formally became Oregon law. Learn more about the Student Success Act.

This means state agencies can now begin adopting administrative rules and procedures to implement an act that will transform education in Oregon. It means 197 school districts can ramp up plans to apply for grants that will do everything from reducing class sizes to lengthening the school year. Significantly, these grants will also help schools deal with the explosion of mental health issues in our schools.

But now, the work really begins.

If we’re serious about making this a generational change for Oregon, we have to be absolutely certain the money flows into the classrooms and directly to the programs where change happens.

We have to be certain the districts meet their growth targets outlined in the bill:

These metrics are important because this is how we can measure accountability.

The Student Success Act is funded by a substantial policy change in our tax code. Corporations will now pay a tax of 0.5 percent for everything they sell into Oregon. Small business with sales below $1 million are exempt.

The tax change also includes an income tax reduction for all Oregonians.

These will require clarification and fine-tuning as they evolve – just like the never-ending technical changes we always do for our current corporate income tax and property tax.

My hope is to get this measure working well for everyone so Oregonians can once again be proud of their educational system.

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