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What is the Student Success Act?

In 2019, the Legislature passed the Student Success Act, a historic investment in public education that marks a turning point for education in Oregon. The action comes after a legislative committee spent the previous year barnstorming the state, visiting 13 communities, touring 77 schools and listening to thousands of parents, teachers, business leaders and education advocates.

The result was a priority list of key elements to improve Oregon ‘s K-12 education system:

The new law establishes a $1 billion per year Corporate Activity tax dedicated to K-12 education. The law also reduced personal income taxes for all Oregonians. The fund will be separate from the general fund and cannot be used for anything other than early learning or K-12 education.

Recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all, schools with a diversity of needs and interests can apply for individual programs to best respond to their own needs.

The Student Success Act aims to correct decades of underinvestment in our schools and our children and includes sweeping provisions for new and improved services for children and families.

The Department of Education is setting growth targets to measure things like graduation and completion rates as well as 9th grade On-Track performance and 3rd grade reading proficiency rates. Each district will be accountable for how students are making progress.

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