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Why I'm Running

I am running to be Oregon’s next Secretary of State.

Oregonians deserve a strong and experienced Secretary of State, capable of delivering on what they expect—ensuring fairness, protecting democracy, and making sure the people are heard.

My entire life—that of a legislator and a journalist—has been dedicated to accountability, fairness, and telling the truth.

Through big wins and a few tough losses, I have been tested and strengthened.

I have delivered in a big way: full-day kindergarten and the Oregon Promise of two years of free community college tuition. And I led the fight for the Student Success Act, a historic investment in longer school years and smaller class sizes.

That was an extraordinary success for Oregon—but it came about because experienced leaders worked together and stayed the course to get the job done. Oregon needs a Secretary of State that can withstand the inevitable storms and stay steadfast.

Oregonians expect a Secretary of State to be a lighthouse for transparency, accuracy, and hard truths.

I'll provide the strong leadership to ensure that Secretary of State audits produce meaningful recommendations to make government work better.

The Secretary of State’s oversight of elections must be fair and evenhanded. We must put the power in the hands of the people and protect our elections from outside interference. I know how to ensure an open and accessible election process.

I was the chief sponsor of the legislation to remove big money from politics—one that voters will see on the ballot in 2020. I intend to lead the way to a new era in Oregon elections.

The Secretary of State must protect our state from tax-evading shell corporations while providing opportunities for the formation and development of businesses that will provide jobs and services to the good people of Oregon. My legislative experience has produced in me a strong commitment to following the rules and advocating for fairness.

Finally, I seek this office for one reason only: My background and experience has prepared me to manage and guide the functions of this office.

I won’t be the only candidate, but I know I am the best-prepared candidate and have a proven public history of getting the job done for Oregonians.

I ask for your serious consideration and your heartfelt support. I invite you to engage with me and join my team.

My experience has taught me that with hard work, a good heart, and a common purpose—anything is possible.

Got questions? Write to me. Ready to pitch in? Your support is welcome.

For Oregon,

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